VICO SPORT-MARKT was established in the year 1992. Starting off as a humble store in Bukit Timah, VICO SPORT-MARKT has enjoyed consistently strong growth over the years to become one of Singapore’s leading sports equipment suppliers.


Be the best, beat the rest. Our company’s mission has always been to strive for excellence and perfection.  Our team at VICO SPORT-MARKT understands that the real race for excellence is one where you sprint against yourself. We endeavour to outperform ourselves, raising the bar time after time. Excellence is an ever moving target we are always chasing.


Our company philosophy is “customer satisfaction above all”. We understand customers make the company and without you, none of us would have been possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continuing support over the years.


We carry a large variety of modern sports equipment and accessories; aiming to meet every possible need from our customers. We constantly review our product range and have in recent years expanded our range to include outdoor fitness equipment, fitness park furniture etc. We are confident that our expertise in the industry coupled with our professional sales team will be able to satisfy all your sporting needs.

Take a moment to get to know our quality products and services. Our company offers the best value for your money. Experience the difference today!

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